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Rent your Birthday Yard Signs Today

We are a yard signs rental company servicing Long Island (Suffolk County, Nassau County) and surrounding areas. We offer full-service custom yard card rentals to help you celebrate all of your special occasions in a very BIG way. Our birthday yard signs rentals include delivery of your customized message, complete setup, and takedown. Yard cards are perfect for any party like an anniversary, graduation, congratulation, gender reveal, baby shower, wedding, back to school, and so much more! Let us help you celebrate with Instagram-worthy lawn sign displays that are as big as your yard!

Make Special Memories with Yard Cards 

Yard Card Rentals works with you to create custom yard signs that are as special as your guest of honor. We do all the work for you, both set-up and take down of your installation. Our super-sized personalized yard signs bring surprises to your friends and loved ones on their special day! Yard Card Rentals delivers a special lawn sign greeting that is placed in your loved one’s yard to surprise them on their special day.

Each yard sign display consists of lots of flair, such as presents, balloons, party hats, stars, and other fun graphics, which are placed in the yard along with a personalized special message for the recipient!

These yard sign rental displays can be used for: Birthdays – Anniversaries – Graduations – Engagements – Weddings – New Baby – Retirement – Valentine’s Day – Mother’s Day – Father’s Day – Sporting Events – Schools – Open House – and so much more, any time you want to celebrate something special!

The professional team in your area will have a variety of customized yard sign selections to choose from, along with a list of suggested messages. We will then sneak out to the recipient’s lawn in the evening or early morning hours to decorate their yard with the desired display. That morning the recipient is greeted with the display, creating a sweet and memorable moment for them to cherish forever! Let us instantly transform your lawn into a show of love they won’t soon forget.

We put a Card in the yard for all Occasions

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Happy Birthdays Yard signs
Anniversaries Yard signs
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Birth Announcements Yard signs
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Welcome Home Yard signs
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How Does It Work

Yard Cards are rented for 24 hours. The standard delivery is typically between 10 AM and 10 PM the night before your celebration. This way, you will have all daylight hours to enjoy and take as many photos with the cards as you like. Your custom display will be picked up the next night around the same time as delivery, giving you the full 24 hours. While this is standard, I will happily install it anywhere at any time to offer you the full customized experience when possible. Installation is typically in the front yard, but we can accommodate other spaces. I will communicate with you through text when I am on my way and when your surprise is complete!
Please do a pencil test before booking! If a pencil will not go into your lawn the signposts will not go in either! Before delivery please clear the area of any obstacles and give the area a light watering to soften the ground if possible. If you have rock or drought-resistant landscape I can set up a display in your driveway with display bases.

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